Wedding Series: Part III – Looking Back

When you’ve been married for awhile – whether that be a month or 50 years – it is inevitable that you will want to look back and remember what it felt like on your wedding day. Young and old, people love to feel how they felt at a time of pure joy and elation, and so it is vital to have something to look back on.

If you’ve done your research, you’ve vetted through the best Calgary wedding photographers and chosen the right person to take your pictures, leaving you with something amazing to keep forever.

Many people get wedding photo books done up so that they can be kept safe and displayed properly for years and decades to come, and trust me, you will want to keep them, too!

It can be an expensive part of your wedding, with many good photographers charging thousands of dollars per shoot. However, if you think ahead to the times when you long for the joyousness of that youthful day, you may consider it a wise investment. Particularly as a family ‘document’, so to speak. Your children and grandchildren will love to see you two as young, dashing lovers!

You can also get a video of your wedding if you talk to some Calgary wedding videographers and get one of them booked in time for the big day.

Some people don’t like to watch themselves afterwards, as it might seem awkward, but a good professional video person will be able to splice and dice until they come up with something resembling more of a film than just a recording of the day. It can be wonderful to re-watch things, especially since they will capture so many small things you will have missed in the wonderful moment.

Canmore wedding photographers are a great help if you’re looking at getting married in Kananaskis, somewhere around Banff. Though not a destination wedding per se, the gorgeous Rockies are one of the most beautiful places in the world to get married, and the pictures will be absolutely stunning!

Wedding Series: Part II – The Big Day

wedding cakeBy the end of the day, you’ll feel great and will have had an amazing time. Once everything gets under way, you can finally (hopefully) let go of some of the enormous stress you’ve carried for months, hurray!

But the hours before your wedding will be some of the most potentially harried and obstacle filled hours you’ll go through – or at least they’ll feel like it to you.

In just a few short hours, you’ll be getting married to the love of your life, and everything will be amazing, but right now you’ve got a dress to fit into, your hair isn’t quite how you wanted it, you’re running low on foundation and your makeup isn’t going to be perfect, you ask yourself why on earth you live where you live and wonder if the wedding photographer from Calgary will remember to leave on time to make it out to the mountains…

All of these things come up that you know you’ve dealt with and prepared for (for the last few MONTHS, come on, woman!) but that you cannot help think are going to go brutally wrong and ruin everything.

You may come to the breaking point more than once in the hours before you walk down the aisle. [Read more...]